Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC was certified by Deepak Chopra, M. D. and David Simon, M. D. as a Primordial Sound Meditation and Magic of Healing Instructor in 1996.

Infinite Health—“The Bridge," invites you to discover the silence which creates inner peace and renews energy for the challenges of daily living, understanding more clearly who you really are, what your true nature is and how the essential components of life, when in harmony, create health and well-being.

Annette with Deepak Chopra

The Quantum Mechanical Body
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A program developed by Deepak Chopra. M. D.

Why should I meditate?

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools there is to help us restore the harmony within and to gain access to our bodies’ inner intelligence.

In meditation, we rediscover the silence in our mind and make it part of our life. Silence is the birthplace of happiness. It is where we get our bursts of inspiration, our tender feelings of compassion, our sense of love. Meditation is a journey to freedom and self-knowledge.

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

The Primordial Sound Meditation technique originates from the ancient knowledge of India.

Deepak Chopra, M. D. and David Simon, M. D. have revived this authentic process and made it available in a format that can be easily learned and practiced by everyone.

What are the benefits of meditation?

During Primordial Sound Meditation our minds become quiet allowing our bodies to gain the deep rest necessary to release stress and fatigue.

In meditation, we re-connect with our essence. This connection extends into our daily lives and can result in improved health, more fulfilling relationships, enthusiasm for life and increased creativity.

What are “Primordial Sounds?”

Primordial Sounds are the basic, most essential sounds of nature. The specific Primordial Sounds which are used in meditation are mantras. These mantras are personal for each participant. They are chosen on the basis of Vedic mathematics which determines a specific sound or vibration of the Universe at the time and place of our birth. When we silently repeat Primordial Sounds as part of the mantra, they help to take our awareness away from the frenzy of daily activity of the mind to the stillness of our spirit. The effect soothes our entire physiology – mind, body and soul.

How will meditation affect my health?

Today doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major factor in such illnesses as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, cardiac pain, insomnia, diabetes, ulcers, cold, fever, asthma, arthritis and alcoholism.

Even though meditation should not be considered a cure by itself, research has shown that it contributes to reducing stress and achieving deep relaxation and a profound state of rest. By reducing stress, meditation has important benefits for a wide range of health problems, and also allows the mind and body to function with maximum effectiveness.

Will I need to change my lifestyle?

Primordial Sound meditation can e learned by people of every age, education, culture and religion.

It does not require specific beliefs or a change in behavior or lifestyle. The only change or adjustment we need to make is to allow the time to meditate regularly. Other than that, any changes in our life come spontaneously.

Where do I learn Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound meditation courses are offered in many areas of the country. For more information contact Annette Kearl and she can refer you to an instructor in your area.

How do I learn Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound Meditation is easily learned in four short sessions over a period of 7 hours in three to four days.

Session 1 – Introduction to the basic principles

A two-hour group session which includes a special video lecture presentation by Dr. Deepak Chopra. You will learn the basic principles of Primordial Sound Meditation, the use of mantras and the purpose of meditation. Individual or group session.

Session 2 – Individual instruction

In this session, you come to the appointed time to meet individually with Annette. You will receive your personal mantra and will be instructed in how to use it. After instruction, you will practice meditation for 30 minutes.

Session 3 – Perfecting the Practice

During this two-hour session, you will review the practical aspects of meditation, share experiences, ask questions and meditate with the group. Individually, with the instructor or in a group.

Session 4 – A vision of higher states of consciousness

This final two-hour group session includes another specially prepared video featuring Deepak Chopra. He gives a glimpse of future possibilities of growth on all levels. Individual or group session.

Who should learn to meditate?

Primordial Sound Meditation is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom and mastery of life.

“I had no idea how powerful meditation is! I look forward to seeing it unfold in our life. I am totally committed to meditating twice a day every day from now on.”
—Maggie Chambers, Reiki Master

“Through the practice of meditation, I am more aware of myself and my work, more sure of my purpose and direction. The simplicity and depth of this technique make Primordial Sound Meditation an invaluable part of my journey of self discovery.”
—Jacqueline Quesnel, Nurse

“When I was meditating for the first time, it was a little boring except for the time when I was flying through the clouds.”
—Melissa Gambino, 9 years old

“If you were to ask me what was the most important experience of my life, I would say it was learning to meditate. For me that is the most important thing a person can do to restore harmony and evolve to a higher state of consciousness.”
—Deepak Chopra
Course Fees

There are course fees for adults, seniors, full-time students, young adults 10-18 and children 5-9. The length and content of the children’s course is modified for a shorter attention span and to capture the interest of this age group. Please contact Annette for more information.

The Eight-Step Guide to Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

The Magic of Healing course is an eight lesson, multimedia, educational program created and developed by Deepak Chopra, MD and David Simon, MD

The Magic of Healing

Explores mind body levels of energy and information that structures your life.

Opens your understanding to the aspect of mind body intelligence.

Identifies how the choices you make have a direct and profound impact of your health.

Teaches you to view health as the dynamic integration of your body mind, spirit and environment.

Investigates the nature of consciousness, its expression in your emotions, thoughts, desires and actions.

The Magic of Healing helps you to understand more clearly who you really are, what your true nature is and how the essential components of life, when in harmony, create health and well-being.

About the Lessons

Body, Mind and Soul – A theoretical framework that places consciousness as the primary healing force within you. Mindfulness Meditation, a simple relaxation technique to experience the silent space between thoughts.

Codes of Nature – Learn to identify your constitutional type which allows for healthy lifestyle choices.

Nourishment for Mind, Body & Soul – Make the best food choices to create and maintain your highest level of health.

Understanding the Cosmic Dance – Learn to harmonize your biological rhythms with the rhythms of Nature.

Healing Breath, Healing Movement – Enliven your energy and increase your mental and physical flexibility.

Five Gateways to the Inner Pharmacy – Use the five senses to create balance and nourishment in mind and body.

The Miracle of Renewal – How to avoid and remove toxins from your life. Focus on how to choose nourishing experiences to provide the substrates for a healthy body, mind and emotional well being.

Intimacy with the Higher Self – Reaching the highest potential of human experience is explored – the state where life is lived in optimal health and fulfillment.

(Ah-bee-yang ah) A unique rhythmic massage where herbal oils are worked into the skin and tissue with friction strokes over the entire body. Enhances immunity reduces fatigue and improves circulation.

Shirodhara (Sheer o-dah-rah) A profoundly relaxing treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is poured gently over the forehead. This technique is combined with Primordial Sounds and Sacred Tones that profoundly vibrate, purify and balance the subtle energy physiology. Calms the nervous system, reduces tension and integrates body and mind.

Marma Chikitsa
An ancient Ayurvedic/Tibetan technique where subtle energy flows into specific Marma (acupressure) positions, balancing and opening the charkas. This technique is combined with Primordial Sounds and Sacred Tones that profoundly vibrate, purify and balance the subtle energy physiology.