2008 - present: California Institute of Integral Studies - School of Consciousness and Transformation.

1990 - University of the Pacific MA Psychology/Behavioral Medicine GPA 4.0

Thesis: Stress Reduction, Immune Response & Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Treatment
Combining Biofeedback, Music, Relaxation and Guided Imagery

1987 - Utah State University BS Music Therapy
BM Music
1987 - Internship: St. Joseph's Medical Center, Stockton, CA

“It is my desire and intention to serve and empower humanity in ways that reawaken the memory of wholeness with nature, harmonizing and balancing body, mind, and spirit; our essential state. . .
in perfect health."
Honors & Awards

1989 - ARCS Foundation, Inc. Achievement Rewards for College Scientists. $5,000
1987 - Utah State University: Magna cum laude
1987 - College of HASS, Utah State University: Most Outstanding Senior
   Utah State University Music Department: Outstanding Guitar Student
             Utah State University Music Department: Outstanding Musicianship
1976 - University of Utah Medical Center/VA Hospital, Department of Psychology:
             Certificate of Superior Performance

Professional Certifications

2004 - Licensed Social Worker, State of Utah
2000 - Guided Imagery in Music (GIM, Level 1)
                Faculty Authorization, American Music Therapy Association.
1999 - Advanced Training Neurologic Music Therapy
1999 - Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, Level I and Level II
1998 - Certified in EEG Biofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America
1988 - Board Certified, Music Therapist, National Association of Music Therapy &
             American Music Therapy Association (BC 3509-12/31/08)

Integrative Medicine Credentials

2002 - Certified Reiki Master
1996 - Certified Primordial Sound Instructor, Deepak Chopra, M. D., David Simon, M. D.
1996 - Certified Creating Health Instructor, Deepak Chopra, M. D.,
              Dr. David Simon, M. D.
1992- Certified Interactive Guided Imagery Therapist

Professional Organizations

1988-1997 - National Association for Music Therapy
1997-present - American Music Therapy Association
1997-present - Association for Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback (618290)
1997-present - Utah Music Therapy Association
1993-present - Western Region American Music Therapy Association
1993-present - International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies
                               and Energy Medicine

Professional Experience

State of Arizona

05/07 – Present – Sedona Music Therapy Services.  Providing in-home music therapy as sub-contractor through Sedona Music Therapy Services (main contractor) with State of AZ Division of Developmental Disabilities.  Serving 30 clients each week.  Diagnoses  include; Autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, CP, Spinal Bifida, mild-severely handicapped, ages 3-22.

05/07 – Present – Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC dba Infinite Health-The Bridge.  Private practice providing biofeedback and acoustic sound/music therapy (vibrational medicine) for personal growth and transformation,  pain management,  anxiety reduction, hospice (end of life transition).

State of Wyoming

7/06-05/07  - Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC dba Infinite Health-The Bridge.  Private practice providing music therapy, integrative, and biofeedback services in medical  (family practice), assisted living, residential at-risk youth facility, alternative school, mental health and differently-abled settings.  Medical office assistant – Bruce Hayse, MD.  Tina Seay, Healing Hands Massage. 

State of Utah
12/04 – 7/06 – Annette Kearl, MA, MT- BC dba Infinite Health-The Bridge. Private practice providing music therapy and biofeedback services in pain management, hospice, hospital and community school settings.

8/04 – 12/04 – Moab Community School. Music Director/Educational Support. Music education and therapy services for students pre-school – 8th grade. Implementation of attention training lab to include The Listening Program (developed on Alfred Tomatis work) and biofeedback.

9/02 – 8/04 – State of Utah, Department of Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services. Human Service Worker, Case management of services for families receiving supervised protective services and/or foster placement and care. Completing functional assessments, coordinating family team meetings, preparing service plans and court reports. Implementation of service plans with families.

The National Association for Child Development and Advanced Brain Technology, Ogden, Utah. Consultant. Grant research and writing to identify public school sites to implement NACD and ABT educational, music and remedial support projects.

Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona. Adjunct faculty. Graduate advisor.

7/01-9/02 - The National Association for Child Development, Ogden, Utah. Neurodevelopmentalist. Neurodevelopmental evaluation, program design and instruction for parents or caregivers of children/adolescents and adults with brain injuries. Full spectrum caseload to include Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Downs Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, neurologically and perceptually impaired, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, hyperactive, distractible, language and hearing loss, brain trauma, developmental delay, normal, gifted and accelerated.

Advanced Brain Technology, Ogden, Utah. Music therapist. Designing of research related measurements for field testing of “Sleepy Baby” and “Happy Baby” CD’s. Certified provider “The Listening Program.”

9/98-6/01 - Utah State University, Music Therapy Department, Logan, Utah. Clinical instructor/practicum coordinator. Courses: Introduction to Observation/Behavior Methods in Music Therapy; Music Therapy Methods and Materials; Music Therapy Ensemble; Music Therapy Practicum. Private guitar instruction. Coordinated clinical practicum sites, placement and supervisor of students to include hospice, adult day care, geriatric, domestic violence, hospital, alternative high school developmentally challenged, special education, prison, and psychiatric outpatient.

Annette M. Kearl, d.b.a. Infinite Health "The Bridge" Private Practice

1997 - High Plateau Wellness Institute, Richard E. Shanteau, M. D., Moab, Utah Behavioral counselor/Music therapist providing biofeedback, neurofeedback and music therapy in clinical outpatient setting. Intake evaluation and assessment. Biofeedback, neurofeedback, behavioral counseling and music therapy for anxiety disorder, migraine, attention deficit disorder, PMS, posttraumatic stress, TMJ and pain control. Therapeutic Groups: Cognitive restructuring, anger control and conflict resolution.

Teaching Appointment:
1997 - College of Eastern Utah Extension, Moab, UT. Instructor FAML 113 Human Growth & Development. Fall & Winter quarters.Independent contracting:

1996 - Skydancer Ayurvedic Health Retreat, Durango, CO. Mara LeGrande, Ph. D.
Provided biofeedback, music therapy, ayurvedic massage, panchakarma, and Tai Chi in health retreat.

1996 - Seekhaven Family Shelter, Moab, UT. Music therapist. Conducted music therapy groups, and women's empowerment and Aikido self-defense workshops for victims of domestic violence.

1995-present - Instructor, HenKei Taiko Drummers
1993-present - Guitar instructor and performer.

See Musician's Resumé)

Full-time Grant position:

9/93-7/96 - FACT Program (Families, Agencies, Communities Together), Grand County School District, Moab, UT. Administrator, music therapist/counselor responsible for coordinating at-risk program from age 0 to Grade 6. Development and implementation of programs to include: Doula services, intensive in-home/Navajo reservation family violence prevention, in-school mentor tutoring, intensive parenting classes, self-esteem music groups (group guitar and drumming), biofeedback for stress management and neurofeedback for attention deficit disorder, summer camp outdoor/wilderness programming, low ropes initiatives. Coordination responsibilities included grant applications, budgeting, supervision of FACT team members and multi-agency participation (Early Intervention, Special Education, Four Corners Mental Health & Division of Family Services).

State of California

5/93-9/93 - PARC Pain and Rehabilitation Center, California Neurological Sciences Center, Modesto, CA. Program counselor responsible for the facilitation and co-facilitation of patient groups, educations, family educations, alumni and continuing care coordination. Also responsible for the case management of each patient from admission through discharge planning. Provided biofeedback, music therapy, guided imagery and stress management services. Developed and implemented pain management groups, focused on cognitive and emotional components of pain.

3/91-93 - Annette M. Kearl, d.b.a., Behavioral Health Resources. Private Practice and
Independent Contractor, Stockton, CA

Contracts for Services:

— St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center. Allied Health Professional. Inpatient psychiatric and chemical dependency facility. Coordinated and monitored the social and psychotherapy services rendered to patients and their families. Performed psychosocial assessments, prepared after-care plans and provided group therapy. Assisted in program development, implementation and monitor- ing. Participated in team treatment planning and documented identified problem areas, goals and treatment interventions on master treatment plan. Developed and implemented music therapy groups focused on cognitive restructuring, assertiveness and stress management.

—University of the Pacific Behavioral Medicine Clinic. Treatment development and clinical application of biofeedback, music therapy and behavioral counseling in the treatment of stress related problems to include anxiety, depression, addiction, temporomandibular joint syndrome, migraine and tension headache, immune deficiency and chronic pain.

—Pacific Pain Clinic, Anthony Wu, M. D. Clinical application of biofeedback, music therapy and behavioral counseling in the treatment of stress, addressing the behavioral and psychological components that contribute to chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

—San Joaquin Biofeedback Medical Clinic, Robert L. Griswold, M. D. Clinical application of neurofeedback and music therapy with attention deficit disorder.

—David Brigham, MFCC. Facilitated music therapy activities on therapeutic wilderness backpacking retreats.

Composer. Composed and performed music for "The New Dance Company"
Group Workshops and Courses:
Workshop titles: "Taking Charge: Happiness it's Your Choice" (cognitive restructuring).                                      "The Curative Aspects of Tone and Voice"
                                     "The Possible Human, Utilizing Left and Right Brain Thinking"
                                     "Of Story & Myth, the Myth of Psyche & Eros"
                                     "The River is Flowing”
-Taiko drumming instruction: A Japanese drumming and movement practice having its ancient roots in Buddhism.

-Group exercise classes: Nickolaus Technique, Toning and Eurythmy movement.

-Aikidomai: Class utilizing harmonizing movements from Aikido in self-discovery and personal growth process.

9/89-9/90 - Graduate Coordinator of the Behavioral Medicine Clinic at the University of the Pacific. Designed and implementation of program to monitor patient services and progress throughout treatment. Organization and teaching of format for patient progress, supervision of graduate interns in treatment sessions with clients, development of treatment plans, and teaching of various hands-on components of behavioral medicine to be applied in treatment. Coordinated weekly clinic meetings and case conferences, workshops and teaching presentations. Patient assessment, evaluation and treatment to include biofeedback, music therapy and psychotherapy for chronic pain, anxiety disorder, depression, addictions, migraine and tension headache, hypertension, TMJ and low back pain. Computer programming experience on the J & J I-330 Biofeedback System, developing computer assisted treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. Adult testing included: The MMPI, the Beck Depression Inventory, the Brief Symptoms Inventory, the Combined Hassles and Uplifts Scale, the State/Trait Anxiety Scale and the Profile of Mood States.

Child experience: Conducted child evaluations that included administration of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale, the Bender Motor and Visual Gestalt, the MacCarthy Scale of Intelligence, the Children's Apperception Test, the Robert's Apperception Test, the Projective Story Telling Cards, and the anatomical dolls. Conducted parent counseling and parenting classes. Worked with sexually abused, emotionally disturbed and attention deficit children using behavioral techniques, music therapy and biofeedback for behavior change.

8/88-9/89 - Community Re-entry Program, UOP, Graduate coordinator and music therapist for Satellite Apartments. This program was developed for the chronically mental disabled population to enable and maintain a maximum level of independent living within the community. Responsibilities included behavior management of 30 clients, development and implementation of a medications compliance program and coordination and facilitation of client activities to include music therapy, exercise, independent adult daily living skills and social skills training.

9/88-9/89 - AIDS Foundation. Emotional Support Volunteer. Home visits to HIV positive & AIDS clients providing emotional support music therapy groups.

9/88-12/88 - Salvation Army Alcohol and Chemical Recovery Program. Stockton, CA. Practicum experience. Designed and implemented a behavioral smoking cessation and impulse control program utilizing relaxation, imagery and music.

4/88-9/88 - Modesto Psychiatric Center. Music/Activities Therapist. Conducted music therapy groups and activities that focused on stress management, creative expression, problem solving, communication and cognitive restructuring for inpatient adult, chemically dependent and adolescent populations. Included treatment development at interdisciplinary treatment team meetings.

10/87-4/88 - Music therapy internship. St. Joseph's Medical Center of Stockton. Application of music therapy techniques in adult day health care facility, adult and adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit, intensive care, oncology, pain control, desensitization to diagnostic procedures, Lamaze and natural birth, and pediatrics.

State of Utah

1986-1987 - Music therapist. Sunshine Terrace, Logan, UT. Geriatric residential home. Individual and group music therapy objectives focused on verbal interaction, relaxation and physical responses. Designed and implemented music therapy exercise and stress management program for employees at facility.

1985-1986 - Music educator. Utah State University Children's Education Center. Taught 5th grade music.

1985-86 - Music therapist. Edith Bowen Experimental Lab Elementary School. Utah State University. Developed goals and objectives and implemented programs to teach gross and fine motor skills, communication and creative expression using music therapy techniques. Population served included autism, Down syndrome and severely retarded adolescents.

1985 (Summer) - Volunteer assistant, YMCA Adventure Expeditions Program. Working with adolescents 12-16. Provided music therapy activities at camps. Assisted climb of Grand Teton.

1984 - Pre-school music educator. Children's House, Utah State University.

1973-1976 - Administrative Assistant. Veteran's Administration Hospital/University of Utah Psychiatric Assessment Unit. Assisted psychologist and computer specialist on research grant. Responsibilities included budget control and administration of research grant totaling $292,000. Grant proposal writing, research assistance and computer operations in the administration of psychological testing on-line. Quality assurance of services, supervision of secretarial staff and liaison between University of Utah and VA Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT


Katz, R. C., Gipson, M. T., Kearl, A., & Kriskovich, M. (l989) Assessing sexual aversion
in college students: Sexual aversion scale. Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy, 15(2),


Kearl, A. (2006)  What is Music Therapy?  Teton Integrative Health Foundation and Teton Wellness Festival,  Jackson, WY.

Kearl, A. (2006)  Music Therapy in Hospice.  Inservice for hospice volunteers, Allen Memorial Hospital, Moab, UT.

Kearl, A. (2005)  Relaxation Techniques for Patients.  Hospice Volunteer Training, Allen Memorial Hospital, Moab, UT.

Kearl, A (2005). Music & Sound Therapy. Teton Wellness Festival and Jackson County Library, Jackson, WY.

Kearl, A. (2001). Sound and Neurology. Utah Music Therapy Association Conference. Layton, UT.

Kearl, A. (2000). Music in Stress Management. Utah Association Student Financial Aid Annual Fall and Spring Conferences. Ogden and Price, UT.

Kearl, A. & Hanuman, S. (2000). Sound Yoga. Presentation, The 2000 O. C. Tanner Symposium, Body, Mind, and Spirit: Culture and Health in America. Utah State University, Logan, UT.

Kearl, A. & Ross, C. (2000). Sound and Chi—Music and Healing. Continuing Education Course, Western Regional Music Therapy Conference, Irvine, CA.

Kearl, A., & Grant G. (1999). Drum talk: The tonal dance of unity. Plenary session. Creating Hope: Claiming Wholeness Conference, Utah State Division of Substance Abuse and Weber State University School of Nursing. Ogden, UT.

Kearl, A. (1999). Exploring perceptions: Cognitive music therapy. Western Region American Music Therapy Association Conference. San Jose, CA.

Kearl, A. (1998). A time to dance a time to Taiko drum. Main presenter. 40th Annual Sacred Dance Guild Conference, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

Kearl, A. (1997). Introduction to primordial sound meditation. Western Region American Music Therapy Association Conference, University of Utah, Neuropsychiatric Institute, Salt Lake City, UT.

Kearl, A. (1991). Mind/body connection: Life beyond addiction. Keynote speaker. Women of the 90’s Conference, Office of Substance Abuse, St. Joseph’s Hospital, University of the Pacific and Women’s Center, Stockton, CA.

Kearl, A., Hannon, R., Matheson, D., Howells, G. N. (1991). Stress reduction, immune response and HIV: Combining biofeedback, music, and guided imagery. Poster session. 42nd Annual National Association for Music Therapy Conference, San Diego, CA.

Matheson, D. W. & Kearl, A. (1990). Post traumatic stress: Stress management following the Cleveland Elementary School tragedy. Paper session. Western Psychological Association 70th Annual Convention, CA.

Katz, R. C., Gipson, M., Kearl, A., & Kriskovich, M. (1989). The sexual attitudes scale: A preliminary report. Poster sessions. The Society of Behavioral Medicine, San Francisco, CA. The Western Psychological Association, Reno, NV.

Kearl, A. (1989). Computer-assisted sequencing of treatment and feedback for generalized anxiety disorder. In D. W. Matheson (Chair), Computer-assisted treatment applications in behavioral medicine. Symposium. Western Psychological Association, Reno, NV.

Roberts, L., Kearl, A., Pil, I., Patch, P., de la Cruz-Schmedel, W., Clarke D., Clay, C., & Gipson, M. (1989) Predicting medication compliance in the chronic mentally ill. Poster session. The Western Psychological Association, Reno, NV.

Kearl, A., (1989). Satellite Apartments: A housing alternative to residential care for the mentally disabled. C. Clay (Chair), The Community Re-entry Program: A Behavioral Systems Approach to Community Residential Treatment. Symposiums. The Western Psychological Association, Reno, NV. The Northern California Association for Behavior Analysis, San Francisco, CA.

Musicianship and Performance
See Musician's Resumé

Research Interests
• Mind in Music: How melody and rhythm hold healing complexity.
• Music performance with differently-abled individuals.
• Therapeutic applications of music in post traumatic stress.
• Neurologic model for music therapy in rehabilitation.
• Ethnomusic therapy research.
• Tomatis and EEG. Integration and enhancement correlations in a clinical setting.
• Neurofeedback, music therapy and attention deficit disorder.
• Physiology of consciousness.
• Music and alpha/theta brainwave states in pain control.
• Use of music as a structural prompt to train abdominal breathing.
• Use of music to evoke emotional memories/arousal states for purposes
   of psychotherapy, desensitization, emotional integration and cognitive restructuring.
• Music therapy in psychoneuroimmunology
• Therapeutic application of tone Eurythmy and its physiological effects.
• Effects of sound and toning on physiology and health.
• Effects of biofeedback, music, meditation and movement modalities on memory,    productivity and longevity.
• Music therapy and biofeedback desensitization for musicians with performance anxiety.

Research Proposals

Kearl, A. & York, E. (2000). The effects of group music therapy and music-assisted biofeedback on psychological and physiological stress responses in “members” of the club house model. Arthur Flagler Fultz Research Fund AMTA. (not funded)

Kearl, A. (2001). A comparison of overtone vibrational massage on physiological and psychological measures of stress in university musicians. Institutional Review Board for Proposed Research Involving Human Subjects. Vice-President for Research, Utah State University, Logan, UT. (Conducted Spring, 2001, data in process of being analyzed.)

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Equipment
(for research and clinical work)

One J & J I-330 System measuring 2 channels EMG, heart rate, temperature, electrodermal response, abdominal and thoracic breathing. Lap top modules: Better Breathing and HeartMath Trainer measuring heart rate variability and CO2 levels.

One Neurodata 1000 System measuring EEG, EMG and temperature.

Continuing Education, Seminars, Institutes & Training
(Attachment Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC)

Music Therapy Related

2008 – Oxytocin and Music Conference.  Arizona State University.  CMTE

2007 – Music Therapy and Pediatric Medicine:  A Guide to Skill Development and Clinical Intervention.  David E. Wolfe and Eric G. Waldon.  Western Region Music Therapy Conference, Hawaii.  CMTE

2004 – Music research with premature infants and studies in infant learning:  Implications for music therapy in very early intervention.  Jayne M. Standley, Ph. D., University of the Pacific, 125th Anniversary, 5-hour workshop.  Stockton, California.

2003 - Music and transformation. Divergence and convergence: Clinical musicianship and music therapy Pythagorean principles of music in the universe. Music as medicine – ancient and modern. Complexity science and chaos theory related to music and music therapy. Music and imagery. Improvisation with voice and instruments. Creative problem-solving with music. Tomas Winn, MT, Laurie Riley, Barbara Crow, MA, MT-BC. Sedona, Arizona. 16 CMTE.

2003 - Music and pictorial arts in Grades 1-4. Waldorf Education Association of
Southwest Colorado. Miriam Barton, Judith Ivy MT-BC, Dawn Diehl.

2000 - Guided Imagery In Music (GIM) Level I. Ken Brucia. St. Louis MO.

2000 - Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. June 25-July 25.
Fabien Maman. Les Courmettes, France.

1999 - Advanced Training Neurologic Music Therapy, Colorado State University.
Michael Thaut, Ph. D.

1999 - The Ninth World Congress of Music Therapy, Washington, DC.

Integrated Health Care: Expanding the Dialogue Between Music and Medicine, Music Therapy Assessment Institute

1999 - American Music Therapy Association, Western Region., San Jose, CA

Advanced Theory and Practice of Music Therapy for Body, Mind, and Soul.
Crowe, B. J. San Jose, CA

1999 - Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, Levels I and II Training. June 25-July 25. Fabien Maman. Les Courmettes, France.

1998 - Inaugural Conference of the American Music Therapy Association. Cleveland, OH

Stress and Pain Management: A Multi-Disciplinary Exploration. Cowan, D. S., &
Mandel, S. E.

Music Therapy and Rehabilitation. Tomaino, C. M., (Chair).

Music in Human Adaptation Music Therapy from the Physiological Perspective. Berger, D., & Schneck, D. J.

Rhythm is the Cure. Belloni, A.

1998 - Fourth International Kolisko Conference. The Medical Foundations of the Waldorf Curriculum: The Possibilities and Problems of Child Development Today. Rudolf Steiner College, Fair, Oaks, CA
The Healing Forces in Singing: Exercises from Werbeck Svardstrom.
The Pedagogical & Medical Possibilities of Working with Children with Hyperactive Tendencies

1997 - Fifth International Sound Colloquium, Loveland, CO
Balancing Our Bodies with Sound, Color & Movement. Fabian Maman
Biosonic Repatterning. John Beaulieu, N. D., Ph.D.
Sacred Sounds. Jorge Alfano
Sanskrit. Cynthia Snodgrass

1994 - Eurythmy (6 day intensive). Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
1993 - Pan-Eu-Rhythmy (movement & sacred sounds). Monterey, CA
1992 - Interactive Guided Imagery Certificate, Academy for Guided Imagery, Sacramento, CA (16 CEU)
1992 - Eurythmy Training, Ione Eurythmy Center, Fair Oaks, CA
1990 - The Curative Aspects of Tone and Voice, Institute of Music Health & Education. Don Campbel. San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA. 54 CMTE Credits
1990 - The Curative Aspects of Overtone Chanting, Institute for Integral Studies. Jill Purce. San Francisco, CA

Behavioral Medicine Related

2006 – Messages in Water.  Seminar, Teton Integrative Health Foundation.  Hiro Emoto. 
2006 – Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Seminar, Wort Hotel, Jackson, WY.  Stephan J. Quentzel, M. D.,  Chief, Primary Care Psychiatry,  Beth Israel Medical Center.
2006 – Heart Rate Variability Part 1 and 2.  Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.  Richard Gevirtz, Ph. D. and Paul Lehrer, Ph. D. 4 CEU
2006 – Promoting & Marketing for a Successful Clinical Practice:  Elements & Strategies.  Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.  Susan Antelis, MPS.  1.5 CEU
2005 – Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Pain.  Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.  Richard Gevirtz, Ph. D.  1.5 CEU.
2003 - Chemistry of Respiration, Peter Litchfield, Ph. D. Better Physiology, Ltd. Boulder, Colorado.
2002 - Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback 33rd annual meeting “Circle of the Soul:” The Psychophysiology of Mind/Body/Spirit. 30.5 CEU’s. (list of symposium titles available on request)
1999 - Neurofeedback supervised training. Utah State University Center for Persons With Disabilities, Sebastian Striefel, Ph. D., Logan, UT
1997 - Neurofeedback supervised training and practicum. Counseling Clinic, Rodney Stowe, MSW, LCSW, Murray, UT
1996- An API Clinical Neurofeedback Practicum, Applied Psychophysiological Institute, Bainbridge Island, WA Faculty: Donna King, Peter Litchfield, Stacey Schafer
1995 - Advanced Neurofeedback Intensive, Biofeedback Institute, San Francisco, CA Faculty: George Fuller von Bozzay, Ph.D.
1995 - Theory and Application in Using EEG to Assess & Treat Patients with Closed Head Injuries and/or Attention Deficit Disorder, Utah State Hospital, Provo, UT Faculty: Jack Johnson, MA, MFCC
1996 - Mind/Body Medicine Training, Deepak Chopra, M. D. & David Simon, M.D. San Diego, CA
1995 - Ropes Course, Neuropsychiatric Institute, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
1995 - Landmark Education, Access to Power Communications Course, Denver, CO
1992 - Neurofeedback EEG Entrainment Feedback. Individual 4 hour intensive. Concord, CA. Faculty: Len Ochs, Ph.D.
1991 - Ericksonian Therapy, 4-day intensive, San Francisco, CA
1991-93 - Landmark Education: The Forum, Advanced Course, Communications Course I..
1989 - Healthy Pleasures Seminar, Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge. 6 CE Credits.
1989 - Emotional Support Training, AIDS Foundation, Stockton, CA

1989 - Society for Behavioral Medicine, Tenth Annual Conference, Meditation, Kabet Zin. San Francisco, CA
1988 - Cognitive Restructuring Seminar, Modesto Psychiatric Center, Modesto, CA
1988 - Fad or Illness: The Dilemma of Eating Disorders, St. Joseph's Medical Center.
Stockton, CA 5 CE Credits.
1987 - Cognitive Model of Perception Seminar, St. Joseph's Medical Center. Stockton, CA
1974 - Psychological Test Interpretation, University of Utah Medical Center/Veteran's
Administration Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT

Integrative Medicine Related

2003 - Qigong master’s class. Master Li Junfeng, Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. Moab, UT
2002 - Reiki master training. Odgen, UT
1997 - Ayurveda Pulse Rate Assessment Seminar, Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Institute, NM
1997 - Craniosacral 1, Hugh Milne, Utah College of Massage, Salt Lake City, UT
1996 - Ayurvedic Spiritual Healing Intensive, Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM
1995 - Ayurvedic Panchakarma Intensive, Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM
1995 - Ayurvedic Panchakarma, SkyDancer Ayurvedic Retreat, Mara LeGrande, Ph. D., Durango, CO
1994 - Tai Chi Chih Intensive, Moab, UT
1993 - Shamanic Soul Retrieval Workshop, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Salt Lake City, UT
1993 - International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. The Science of Consciousness & Practice of Healing Traditions Workshops: Physics and the Power of Symbols; Light Consciousness and Exceptional Healing; The Perceptible Breath Therapy of Ilse Middendorf; Native American Healing.
1993 - Acupressure, Qigong, Auricular Ear Therapy. Dr. Chen, Sony Tao Gong Society,
Oakland, CA
1993 - Ayurvedic Malabarmalish Massage Training, Laurie Eisler, Berkeley, CA
1992 - Advanced Transcendental Technique, Jayanthi & Sutti Omnath, Stockton, CA
1991 - Black Belt Aikido, New School Aikido, Stockton, CA


2003 – 1995 Doula Training, FACT Program, Moab, UT
2002 - Grantsmanship Proposal Writing, Lynn Lee, Utah State Extension Campus