Infinite Health—The Bridge invites you
to experience the glowing radiance
and healing touch of Reiki.

The Healing Touch

“A treatment feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance.”

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and also promotes healing. “Rei” means universal higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness. This is the wisdom that comes from God or the Higher Self. “Ki” is life energy and also the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. “Ki” is used by martial artists in their physical training and mental development.

It is the God-Consciousness called “Rei that guides the life energy called “Ki” in the practice we call Reiki. Therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy.

A Reiki treatment consists of placing the hands in specific positions on the body. The client is fully clothed. For clients who prefer not to be touched, due to painful conditions or otherwise, Reiki can be transmitted through the aura with the hands held above the body rather than the hands-on method.

Reiki is both powerful and gentle. It can never be harmful. It has aided in the healing process of virtually every known illness and injury. A treatment feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance and has many benefits for both the client and practitioner, including positive states of consciousness.

Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC completed training as a Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui system of natural healing in 2002. She also obtained a first degree black belt in Aikido in 1991.